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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  October 1, 2009 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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amazing. water main break. an early-morning break shuts down a major road in our region. driver beware. speed cameras are being placed in construction zones across the state of maryland. an attempted abduction. police search for two men who tried to lure three children in to their truck. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is thursday, october 1st. howard bernstein is standing by, ready to tell us about our chilly forecast. >> yeah, it is chilly this morning. we have temperatures in
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manassas that got down to 37 degrees this morning. still a chill are 40s. a lot of sunshine. that's the good thing and 50s from washington over to annapolis. andrews is now 50. mid to upper 50s. 51 winchester and martinsburg and frederick up to 59. a good day around here. in in spite of the chill this morning a nice finish with temperatures warming in to the 60s. a good deal of sunshine. right now we have 56 and one more quick thing to say about the air quality, it is code green. a lot to look forward to. we have some things to look forward to on the roads. with more on that we will toss it over to angie. >> my pleasure, howie b. my pleasure. hello, everybody. welcome to thursday. glad you could join us this morning. we will kick things off updating you on the water main break in hyattsville. northbound queens chapel road
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between queens berry and the east-west highway, drivers are losing a right lane. the bw parkway in the red. we had an accident here at the beltway. that's now clear, but obviously still dealing with the remnants of it. drivers are backed up to 198. check out the outer loop. take you outside and show you from 95 to georgia under sunny skies we are looking at a 20- minute drive to make it through the volume. on the inloop, slow 355 to mormon temple. 270, from 11208 the split, we are seeing a slow go on the gw parkway. driver really below speed as we head to the maps from 123. i will let you know to the key bridge. back outside. we are looking at 42 minutes to get you from the capital beltway to the 14th street bridge. that's the latest. over to you. we want to bring you more on that water main break that led to traffic tieups earlier this morning in prince georges county. as angie said, it happened in
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the 6200 block of queens chapel road in hyattsville, maryland. 9 news now digital correspondent, alex trevino is live with the latest. it looks like it is backed up. >> yeah, traffic is a little backed up, but we are here on queens chapel road where it has become a little messy. water main break happened right over there by that house. you can hear the sound of the jackhammer. they are trying to get to the bottom of it right now. the family that lives at that home has been evacuated because of the sheer volume of water that made it inside the basement. the pipe that connects the water main to the hydrant has broken. the rupture caused damage in the area. the washington suburban sanitary commission tells us the water has been turned off, putting 17 customers out of service at this time. crews are working to figure out what caused the break. >> its main along queens chapel, it is a 76-year-old
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main and at this point, without being able to dig down and see what the problem is, you know, it is aging infrastructure and old pipe is a possible cause at this point. >> reporter: fire and rescue crews are taking care of folks in the area. this has become more of a traffic issue than anything. they say this part of queens chapel will be restricted to one lane for a while longer. crews will be here in this hyattsville neighborhood fixing the pipes throughout the afternoon. live alex trevino, 9 news now and >> thank you. here's a look at other things happening today in our region. maryland's new speed camera law goes in to affect today. some of the first new cameras are going up in highway construction zones in an effort to keep workers there safe. on i-95 in laurel, maryland, electronic signs will warn drivers before camera sites. here's a look at the other laws taking affect today in maryland. you can no longer send a text
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message behind the wheel. the ticket will cost $500. teenager drivers must now be 16 1/2 years old to get a provisional license. and no one gets a full license until age 18. starting today, capital punishment is limited to cases with biological oar videotaped evidence or a taped confession. and any u.s. or maryland flag bought with state money and displayed on state property must be made in the united states. if you are heading to the maryland beaches one final time this year there are safety concerns about the route 90 bridge crossing in to ocean city. during an inspection on tuesday, engineers found one of the girders is deteriorating. until repairs are made the bridge will be under weight restrictions. vehicles heavier than pickups will have to use the route 50 bridge. starting today, people in virginia will be able to catch a ride on amtrak to the northeast. the service is expanding from the district to lynchburg.
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the line runs along route 29 with stops in charlottesville, culpeper, manassas, burke city and alexandria. police are asking for your help in locating two men who attempted to lure three children to their truck. it happened 6:45 last night at thomas drive and fair lawn avenue in laurel, maryland. the children were playing outside an apartment complex when the men called them to their truck. a mother of one of the youngsters happened to be outside and yelled to the children to come to her. two of them ran to her while a third ran ablock away to their home. the men followed and sat outside of that child's home until her mother came outside. a neighbor prided a description of the vehicle. it was a beat up small, light blue pickup truck with a dent in the driver's side fender. a partial maryland license plate reads 41641 w. president obama has still made no decisions on troop levels in afghanistan. he met with his national security team for three hours
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on wednesday to discuss the issue. military commanders are pushing for additional troops but some members of the administration are resisting an increase. the white house says it could take weeks before a final decision is made. researchers learn more about the h1n1 virus. an emergency crews rushed to help the victims of the tsunami that rocked the samoa island. we'll be right back. you've got a strawberry pop-tart,
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here's a look at the stories in the news now. emergency ponders have headed to the island of samoa and american samoa which were rocked by an earthquake. the death toll is 143 and is expected to rise. rescue efforts are continuing in western indonesia following a powerful earthquake there. a second earthquake hit the island of sumatra last night. it's the tend of the road for saturn now that penske awe called off talks to buy the brand. the talks fell apart after a deal fell through with another manufacturer to continue to make saturn vehicles. saturn owners will still be able to have their cars serviced at other gm dealers. u.s. officials have new clues how the h1n1 may turn deadly. they say many who died from the virus also had bacterial infections. they say while h1n1 isn't
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anymore deadly than the regular flu it infects more people because so few are immune to this strain of the virus. it is 9:10. we go back to howard for an update on the forecast. we are looking ahead to the weekend. >> yes, we are. we still have to head through the weekend on monday, don't we, andrea? [ laughter ] >> we will warm up to the 60s and 70-degrees with a good deal of sunshine. clouds increase in the afternoon tomorrow. could be a shower later in the day. i'm thinking the best chance will be after dark, overnight this to saturday morning. if everything works out, we will have a lot of events for saturday and we will be a decent saturday afternoon to get rid of the showers early. highs of 77 degrees here in washington. so this afternoon will be mostly sunny. but this morning, mostly sunny and chilly. we start in the 40s and 50s and get to the 60s and near 70 with a northwest wind at five to ten. a pleasant day to be outside if you have any of those autumn
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chores to take care of. clear to partly cloudy. chilly. 44 to 52. south winds five miles an hour for tonight and tomorrow we are back in the 70s with a chance of a shower late. right now 46 in manassas. they have come up. 55 leesburg. winchester 54. so is fredericksburg. quantico, national, annapolis 66. easton chilly. 48 at this hour and the time lapse shows what a great morning with the clear skies. here's the sun and we are left with a lot of sunshine and a temperature of 56. northwesterly winds of six miles an hour and the humidity is still comfortable. that will be going down as the temperature rises sitting at 55%. for us, we have the storm system which yesterday was here. now it has moved northeast of maine. close enough we have the mostly flow. however, as high pressure builds in, that pressure gradient relaxes and the winds will be relaxing, as well. looking at a lot less wind today than yesterday and you see the showers to the west in
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iowa, missouri and then minnesota. that front, that is coming forth forth late tomorrow, early saturday. that's the next chance of rain around here. look at the seven-day forecast with temperatures starting on the cool side. 69 today. another chilly night tonight. 74 tomorrow with maybe a late shower. saturday the terrapins are home. howard has a home game on saturday. they will be 7. skins on sunday, better weather 72 and more showers or rain moving back in on tuesday. andrea? >> thank you. the united states is taking part in the key meeting in geneva switzerland today aimed at preventing iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. it is a complicated issue and western intelligence agencies are deeply divide over the state of iran's nuclear program. with me is the former cia director and a spy museum board member. welcome back to 9 news now. >> good to be here. >> reporter: much is made in
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the international and international media of the united states being at the table with iran after three decades. how significant is this when we see iran still putting long- range and short-to-medium range missiles in the air and refusing to allow people to come in and see what their program is all about? >> the persians invented chess and they are playing it well. they have actually talked no one -- in one way or another to every administration since ' 79 including the carter administration and their objective has largely been delay or distraction in order for them to keep working on their nuclear weapons program and they are, unfortunately succeeding. i think the chance that any limitation on their program will come out of these negotiations is about a close to zero as human affairs get. >> reporter: there are some who say the united states, even though we have heard about these behind the scenes talks with iran for all of these years that this public
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conversation shouldn't take place if it doesn't give them any reason to change their habits. but what could we do? what other sanctions could work in light of them saying we can't stop north korea. we can't even stop our friends like india. >> the question is not so much whether we talk to them. i'm not opposed to that but it is leverage. how can you get leverage in order to have them stop moving to highly enriched uranium which is the main step to having nuclear weapons. some more drastic things have been discussed that we are not close to doing yet would be for example, to effectively cut off from dealing with american banks, any bank or any company that deals with iran. now we have had some relatively strict sanctions, economic sanctions, but nothing that tough. and i think that there are some steps like that that we're
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going to have to consider unless we want to face the choice between iran having a nuclear weapon in something between a few months and a year or two or our having to face the choice of whether to use force. and that's a terrible choice. >> exactly. >> do you see the obama administration having the spine to put economic sanctions in place and getting european partners to go along? >> i think the principle national security advisers, secretary of state condoleeza rice and secretary gates and jones have the spine to do that. i don't know if the president will lead them that way or not. i frankly prefer the public statements the president of france has been making about freedom in iran. about the opposition in iran and the unacceptable of iran having a nuclear weapon to what president obama has been saying but it may be that president obama is keeping very calm and
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playing his cards close to his vest and we will come out and do something divisive. i hope so. >> we have to go but with afghanistan, a government that is under a cloud for fraudulent elections, us, being seen as maybe propping up a fraudulent government, more troops in country, is this surge necessary in afghanistan to protect our troops and the afghans? >> i think we need to listen to general mcchrystal. what is he suggesting in afghanistan is what succeeded in iraq and we had the same argument in 2006 and 2007 about iraq. a lot of people say it won't work to have the surge and the anbar awakening before hand and work with the sunnies. it largely worked. looks like it has. the general is suggesting the same thing in afghanistan an what the others are suggesting, such as vice president biden is effectively what has failed in afghanistan for eight years.
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so i'm basically on the general's side on this one. >> we will see what happens with this one. thank you so much for being with us. unfortunately we have run out of time. the view announces the return of its absent host and an actor that symbolized the free spirit of floss any in the 50s was rushed to to the hospital. and tonight, an ailment that doctors say is causing an increase in the runny eyes and sniffles and what you can do about it. we'll be right back. g
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angie is following the headlines for us. >> the 83-year-old was brought by an ambulance to the emergency room of a manhattan hospital wearing an oxygen mask. but a firm handling publicity for hopper's series would not comment on where or why the actor was hospitalized. he received oscar nominations for cowriting easy rider in ' 69 and for acting this hoosiers. answer announced elizabeth hasslebeck will be returning to the view on october 19th. the left for maternity leave on
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august 7th two days before her third child was born. now for a look at what is happening around town here locally. the former bachelor star and navy doc here in town will begin a bike ride from pittsburgh to philadelphia to raise awareness about childhood obesity. dr. baldwin will stop along the way to speak to children about the importance of nutrition and leading healthy lifestyles. on saturday meet your favorite 9 news now personalities at the fall for fairfax festival. it is happening 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. and admission is free. you can always e-mail me at with your ideas. >> thank you. put on some good walking shoes. head down to u street and join the fight against breast cancer. that's what our next guests are asking you to do. with me is diane hearn. she is with the grand chapter
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of the order of the eastern star and margaret anderson the organizer of this saturday's 5- k breast cancer walk. good to have you with us. well, tell us about it. saturday. we have heard a little bit about howard's forecast but nothing will stop you from taking part in this. what time should people show up. >> we will walk at 9:00 but registration begins at 8:00 and you can register on site and we will be walking rain or shine. you are right. >> what's the registration fee. >> $25. >> this is something you have done before. how successful has it been in the past? >> it has been successful. we are excited that we were able to do something in the grassroots that is so important nationwide. country wide, worldwide. >> what is that? >> that is the ability to offer awareness and advocate for this dreaded disease that affects so
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many women and we are so excited. we have been doing it now for eight years and every year it gets better and better. >> gets better and better and bigger every year. >> you have raised thousands of dollars. where does that money go? >> we donate the money to the howard university cancer research center. and they use the money to further the research and to also assist persons that are in need that cannot pay for some of their medical expenses themselves. >> are you surprised still that women need to be reminded to put themselves first? >> absolutely. >> to do these breast self exams, mammograms, clinical exams because it can save a life. the message is also one of early detection. >> early detection. >> exactly. how many do you think will turn out this year? just fingers crossed. you don't care. you will be there no matter what. >> absolutely. and again with this organization, you meet all of
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the time. are there things you do for breast cancer throughout the month or is in the big signature event? >> this is the big signature event, but we do things throughout the year. you are absolutely right and it is an ongoing activity. >> again the registration fee is how much. >> $25. >> if people want to add to that and donate even more. >> we welcome it. >> oh, yes. absolutely. we also have patrons. >> they will take it. we wish them the best of luck. registration starts at 8 a.m. on saturday and think run starts at 9:00. best of luck. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ////
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welcome back. live look at she lincoln memorial. we want to tell you what is on tap tomorrow. if you are bury under credit card debt and can't find a way out t. it is mind over money day. our panelists will help you get
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a mortgage, refinance one or pay down the credit card bills. phone lines open at 9:00 a.m. this is where people who register for the 5-k walk will be getting and they can use it. >> wear your denim jacket over it. >> and wear your denim jacket over it. >> we will do our best to get rid of rain on saturday. that's not a problem but a chance of showers starting tomorrow late in to saturday and again on tuesday. a beautiful day ahead, though, today with sunshine and upper 60s around 70. all right. >> angie and howard will be back at noon. we will see you friday morning at 4:55. >> bye-bye.
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